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What type of mail will I receive in my Mailbox?

You can access your Mailbox through Anytime Internet Banking or the Mobile App. Over time, we’re increasing the variety of mail available in your Mailbox.

The types of letters currently available include letters about any overdraft agreements, notifications of unpaid items, ISA declarations, and letters confirming details about any new accounts you’ve opened.

You’ll automatically receive a copy of any eligible mail to your Anytime Internet Banking Mailbox as well as by post. However if you don't need the paper copy, you can choose to go paperless by updating your preferences using the 'Paperless settings' option in the left-hand menu within Anytime Internet Banking.

If you go paperless, we'll send you an alert to let you know when you have a new item of mail in your Mailbox. You can choose to receive an email alert, a text alert or both by clicking on the 'Alerts' option in the left-hand menu within Anytime Internet Banking, then selecting 'Manage alerts'.

If you switch to paperless mail, we may still occasionally send you selected important letters by post

Delete messages

You can choose to "archive" messages which will then be stored in the archive section of messages.

All documents will be saved in your mailbox for up to 2 years.

Download items from the mailbox

If you click or tap on the relevant item you wish to view, it will download automatically to your device. You can then access it by following your usual steps when accessing downloaded items on your device.