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I've been locked out of Anytime Internet Banking but need to make a transaction

If you have been locked out of digital banking but need to urgently make a payment or transfer, you can do this through our Mobile Banking app or by resetting your Anytime Internet Banking account.

Mobile banking

You can make a payment in the mobile app using just an account number and sort code, and you don't need to set up the payee in Anytime Internet Banking first.

With 'Pay Someone New' you can send a maximum of £250 in a single payment. If you are making a number of smaller payments the sum of all such payments cannot exceed £250 in a working day. You can make up to five payments in the same period. The recipient will not appear in your saved payees.

Resetting Anytime Internet Banking 

If have forgotten your details, you will need to re-register for Anytime Internet Banking (opens in a new window) in order to regain access to the service. Please follow these instructions even if you believe you have entered the correct details sometimes occasional mistakes can occur.