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How can I make an international payment?

Mobile banking

You can send an international payment via mobile banking if you already have an international mandate set up or if you want to send a one off payment (limits apply).

If you don't have the payee already set up and you want to save their details for future use, find out How do I make an international payment using Anytime internet banking?

Step by step instructions:

  1. Select the account you wish to make the payment from
  2. Select 'International payments' from the menu
  3. Select 'Choose saved payee'
  4. Select the payee name from the mandate options presented or select 'Pay someone new'
  5. Key the amount in local currency of the receiving country. If the country is listed here, the default currency will be GB Sterling
  6. You then choose when you want the payment to arrive and which fees you need to pay
  7. You can add an optional 'Statement reference' on all payments and for some Euro payments to Europe, you can also add an optional 'Message' for the beneficiary
  8. You then check the payment details and 'Confirm payment'
  9. You then 'Read T&Cs' or 'Accept T&Cs' or 'Cancel' the payment
  10. The screen will then confirm your payment has been arranged

Anytime Internet Banking

You can use Anytime Internet Banking to make an online international payment to an individual or business outside the UK and to currency accounts within the UK from your bank account as and when it suits you.

A fee will apply for all urgent payments and funds should reach the recipient in 1 to 2 business days. Standard payments are free of charge and should reach the recipient in 2 to 4 working days.

Further details on international payment fees and charges can be found in our Schedule of Services brochure (PDF, 322KB).

Before you start

You have to set up a payee to make a payment abroad - the person or company the money will be paid to. You will need a Card-Reader and a card you can use with that reader to complete this process.

Find out more on how to make an international payment when you have already set up a payee.

Before you start you will need the following information:

  • Beneficiary's Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT BIC) - all payments
  • Beneficiary's International Bank Account Number (IBAN) - for payments to IBAN compliant countries
  • Account number - payments to an account without an IBAN
  • National Clearing Code (NCC) - payments to an account without an IBAN

If you do not have the Payee's account details in this format please ask the Payee to supply them. They can get these details on request from their bank.

Setting up a payee

  1. Select 'Payments and transfers' from the left hand menu
  2. Under the 'International payments' section select 'Make a Payment'
  3. Select 'Get a quote for paying someone new then select 'Next'
    The next screen will ask you some questions to provide you with a quote in pounds and pence. The quote will have converted the amount you want to pay into local currency and will include the relevant fees.
  4. Enter the country, the currency, the amount you want to send, how fast you want it sent, and the relevant fee options. The website will give you a quote in pounds of how much it will cost in total. Once done, click ‘Next’.
  5. Enter the relevant account details, which will vary depending on the country you are sending to. If unsure what they are, click on the information icon next to the required details on the website.
  6. You’ll also need to enter a reference for the payment, the account you want it to leave from, and the date you want it to be sent. Once done, select ‘Next’.
  7. You’ll be given a summary of all the information you have entered, please check that everything is fine before continuing. You’ll then need to follow the onscreen instructions to authorise the payment with your card reader.
  8. Once the card reader has been enabled, select ‘Confirm’ to send the payment.