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How to leave us feedback

At Ulster Bank we are passionate about ensuring that you receive great customer service and your feedback helps us to continuously make improvements.

We routinely contact our customers to understand how we are doing. You may be contacted by email or telephone for your feedback on the service we provide:

Our email surveys are sent from CustomerVoice@insights.ulsterbank.com. We include your partial postcode in the email as an additional security measure. We have appointed two research partners to help us, Maritz CX, and FACTs International.

We have designed our surveys to be as short and as simple as possible. We will only ask for your views on our service. We will never ask you for your personal finances or bank details.

Following the survey, a member of our team may follow-up with you to understand your feedback in more detail or to resolve any outstanding issues you may have. You can let us know in the survey whether or not this would be ok.

There are many other ways that you can give us feedback, if there's something that we could do better, or anything that you think we are doing really well, we would love to hear from you (opens in a new window).