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How do I go paperless?

You can switch to paperless and receive your account statements and mail online by clicking on the ‘Paperless settings’ option in the left hand menu within Anytime Banking. From here you can choose to switch some or all of your eligible accounts to receive statements or mail online rather than by post.

You can choose to switch your account statements or mail back to paper at any time.

When you switch to paperless statements, you can view, download or print up to 7 years of statement history in PDF format within Anytime Banking. To view your statements online click on the ‘Statements’ option in the left hand menu within Anytime Banking and select the “View, save and print PDF statements and certificates of interest (up to 7 years)” option under the ‘Your accounts’ section.

When you switch to paperless mail, this means we’ll send letters and documents related to your account to your Anytime Banking Mailbox rather than by post. If you switch to paperless mail we’ll automatically send you an email notification to let you know when you have a new item of mail to view online. You can chose to receive this notification by email, text or both.