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What do I do if I need to make a payment from my eSavings account for more than the daily limit?

If you wish to withdraw higher than the daily limit you can do this over a number of days. For example, if you wish to transfer £50,000 you can do this over 3 days – Day1 - £20,000, Day 2 - £20,000 & Day 3 - £10,000.

Alternatively you can fax your request to us on 00353 16338182. If you are unable to access a fax machine you can also write to us to request the payment. Please use this form for fax or written requests. If you need support completing the form please refer to our handy How to complete guide. This form also included details of your rights and responsibilities and those of the Bank in respect of the Bank sending this payment on your behalf.

Any request above the daily limits can take time to be received and we may need to undertake additional security checks if you are requesting funds to be transferred to an account they didn’t originate from. This may mean we will contact you for additional identification to verify the request. Once our security checks are complete a funds transfers will be made the next working day. This process can take some time so please consider if setting up payments over a number of days would be quicker for you.

If for any reason you can’t fax please send your request to:

Payments Team
7th Floor
Regular payments Team
1 Hardman Boulevard

If you are writing to us ensure your letter contains your eSavings sort code and account number and where you'd like to make the transfer to. You'll also need to sign the letter (both of you if it's a joint account).