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Why have my Anytime Internet Banking mini statement and recent transactions been changed?

We have made some changes to your mini statement and recent transactions when viewing them through your Anytime Internet Banking. These changes have been made to improve your online experience and help you get the most information possible out of your Anytime Internet Banking.

What's Changed?

When viewing your mini statement on the 'Account summary' page through Anytime Internet Banking we have increased the number of transactions that are viewable from 6 to 10. The number of transactions that are viewable on your credit card statement remain at 6.

Your mini statement now provides you with additional information on the retailer, the actual transaction date and the last 4 digits of the card used in the transaction

All incoming and outgoing transactions will now be in one column and you will now be able to see your running balance after each transaction. You can still see the old two column view in your list of transactions.

We have updated the balance information icon with more help around understanding your balance, contactless payments, cheques, your balance over the weekend and what to do if you don't recognise a transaction.