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My Direct Debit for my Credit Card/Loan/Mortgage has been returned unpaid

There are a number of reasons why a Direct Debit may have been returned unpaid. The most common of these is when there were insufficient funds available for the Direct Debit to claim. Please check that sufficient funds were available on your claim date.

Unpaid Direct Debits may cause your account to fall into arrears / excess so it's important, where required to make an alternate payment. You can log in online or check your mobile app to confirm the amount required to pay to bring your account up to date. You will also be able to confirm if your Direct Debit is still active for future payments.

To make a payment using online banking see How do I make a payment using Anytime Internet Banking?


For instructions on how to make a payment using the mobile app see How do I make a payment or transfer using the mobile app?


To make a payment to your Credit Card see How to pay your credit card

If you are unable to make a payment and are struggling financially, further help and support can be found on our Financial Support pages

You can find more about Direct Debits on our Direct Debits page.