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I have a student account which will change to a graduate account because of graduation. How do these changes impact my new account?

Student and Graduate account – no account changes in 2020

If you hold a Student account and are expecting to move to a Graduate account this year due to current circumstances your account will no longer change in 2020.

If you hold a Graduate account and are due to move to the second year where your interest free overdraft buffer is reduced, this reduction will also not take place in 2020.

Instead we will make these changes to your Student or Graduate account in the second half of next year. We’ll write to you closer to the time with more information. This means you can carry on using the current benefits of your Student or Graduate account.

If we wrote to you in October 2019 about moving your Student or Graduate account to a Select account, this move will not take place until 2021 and again we will write to you closer to the time.

Please visit our website to view the terms and conditions (PDF) for your existing and new accounts.

Please note, this isn’t a change to your account terms and conditions.