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Why can’t we provide you with a score at this time?

We were unable to get your credit score using your name and the current address information we hold on you and therefore cannot provide you with a credit score currently. This is likely to be because there is not enough credit information for you at your current address. This could be due to the following reasons:

•         You have a limited number of credit products (such as overdrafts, loans, credit cards)
•         You rarely use credit products
•         You have moved address or are not on the electoral register at your current address 
•         You have recently moved to the UK 
•         You have recently changed your name, for example a change in marital status 

There are some basic steps you can take to start building up your credit history.

•         2 (or more) financial products with different providers registered at your current address, for example a credit card, mortgage, loan or mobile phone contract
•         1 financial product registered at your current address and be on the electoral register

It can take up to six months for changes to be reflected in a credit file.
Each credit reference agency produces its own score based on a consumer’s credit information. So it’s worth noting, whilst you may be able to access a credit score with one credit reference agency, it does not guarantee you a score with another.

You can also book a free financial health check here