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Can I set up a new payee on the iPad app?

If you want to make a payment to someone new and save their account details for future use, or if you want to make a payment for more than £1000, you need to log in to Anytime Internet Banking, add a new payee and make the first payment using your card-reader. The new payee will then appear in your list of payees in the iPad app.

If, however, you want to make a one-off payment of up to £1000, you can use 'Pay someone new' in the Mobile app in the 'Payments' section. The account details of your payee will not be saved for future use.

There is a limit of £1000 that you can send in this way on each day, and you can make a maximum of 20 payments in any 4 working day period.

What is 'Pay someone new?'