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How long will the item I've requested take to arrive?

We have listed below items you can either order yourself through Anytime Internet Banking or with a member of staff.

Activation CodeThe Activation Code is created automatically. This will either be sent to you by text message or in the post. A text should arrive within 24 hours. If you don't receive a text, the Activation code letter should arrive within 5 working days.
Card-reader (New)The first card-reader for your account should be with you within 15 days.
Card-reader (Replacement)A replacement card-reader should take 6 working days to arrive.
Anytime Internet Banking only cardYour new online card should arrive within 7-10 working days, and the new PIN should arrive 3 days later.
Cheque BookA cheque book should be received within 5 working days.
Credit Book/Paying-in bookA paying-in book should be received within 5 working days.
PIN Re-adviceYour PIN re-advice should be with you in 3-4 working days.
New debit cardYour new debit card should be with you in 5 working days, and your debit card PIN should arrive the following working day.
Replacement debit cardYour replacement debit card should be with you in 4 working days.
Statement orderedIf you ordered a statement from us, it should take 5-6 working days to arrive.