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What is Rapport?

To help protect you online we're recommending free security software called Rapport from the financial security experts at IBM.

How Rapport protects you

  • Confirms that you're connected to our website
  • Shields your Online Banking details from prying eyes
  • Protects your card details when shopping online

Rapport works with your antivirus and firewall software - it's not designed to replace this valuable protection.

Why choose Rapport?

  • Peace of mind - Rapport tells you that you really are connected to your bank and not a fraudulent website
  • Protect your passwords - shut out criminals spying on your online banking details
  • Safeguard your identity - identity theft is one of the fastest-growing threats in the UK
  • Well proven - Rapport was developed by the online security experts at IBM

Easy to use

  • Ready to protect - the software is ready to protect your Anytime Internet Banking with Ulster Bank
  • Flexible - you can set up the software to protect any website that uses private or personal data
  • Ahead of the game - Rapport stops fraudsters in their tracks without relying on constant updates
  • Fast - Rapport is a small piece of software. It's designed to let your computer work just as quickly as before

An extra layer

Works alongside antivirus and firewall - simply keep your current protection in place and enjoy the extra protection of Rapport

Find out more about Rapport (opens in a new window).