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What is a card-reader and how do I use one?

Image of Card-Reader and Card

A card-reader is a security device which looks a lot like a small calculator. It provides you with an extra level of security when using Anytime Internet Banking. It's battery-powered and you don't need to attach it to your computer.

How to use your card-reader

When asked to use your card-reader it's the same 5 steps each time:

  1. Insert your card in to the reader making sure the card number matches the one shown on Anytime Internet Banking.
  2. On the card-reader, when asked to 'Select Function', press the respond button -
  3. When prompted, enter your card's PIN and press the OK button -
  4. In the card-reader, enter the number displayed by Anytime Internet Banking and press the OK button -
  5. In Anytime Internet Banking enter the passcode number shown by the card-reader.

When you'll use your card-reader

When you are banking online you may be asked to use your debit card and card-reader. If you don't have a debit card then we will have provided you with a card that can only be used in the card-reader.

You will be asked to use your card-reader when completing certain tasks in Anytime Internet Banking, such as:

  • Making a payment for the first time online to a payee that you set up over the phone or in a branch
  • Making a payment for the first time to a payee added as part of the switching process
  • Creating or amending a payee
  • Creating or amending a standing order
  • Changing your mobile number
  • Changing your PIN or password

We will never ask you to use your card-reader to log in to Anytime Internet Banking, and we will never phone you to ask for your card-reader details.

For further information on card-readers see https://digital.ulsterbank.co.uk/personal/ways-to-bank/online-banking/do-more-with-anytime-banking/card-reader-how-to-use-your-card-reader.html (opens in a new window).