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A free Rooster Card Subscription (usually costing £1.99 per month per card or £19.99 per year per card) with NatWest Rooster Money for up to three Rooster Card Subscriptions for so long as you remain a NatWest Group customer and your kids are aged between six and 17.

A Rooster Card subscription includes:

  • Up to three prepaid debit cards with parental controls for kids aged six and over. Fees apply for additional cards. Other fees may apply.
  • Access to all features of the NatWest Rooster Money app, including virtual money tracker, ability to set scheduled allowance and regular outgoings, goal pots, chore management system and flexible parental card controls. Please visit the NatWest Rooster Money (opens in a new window) website for full app features.

New Rooster Card customers get a one-month free trial period, and your free Rooster Card Subscription will start after the one-month free trial period ends. If you are an Existing Rooster Card customer your free Rooster Card Subscription will start once your existing subscription ends.

For more information about the offer, please see our Terms and Conditions (PDF, 50 KB).

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